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Princeton is located roughly half-way between New York City and Philadelphia. The most convenient option is to fly into Newark and then take the train or the shuttle bus.

In addition to the descriptions below, you may find the following two pages useful: visitor page of Princton University ; visitor page of the Computer Science Department.

Newark Liberty International Airport (Airport code: EWR)

For travel by a shuttle bus, see the description under the JFK/LGA/PHL heading below. But train travel typically works fine, as follows.

Follow the signs to the Airtrain, the airport shuttle train from the terminals to the car parks and the NJTransit train station. You can get a ticket that covers the airtrain as well as the ensuing local train connection from one of the orange-blue NJ Transit ticket machines - simply select Princeton Station (or just Princeton) as your destination. Currently, the price is approx. $19. You should be able to pay by cash, credit card, or debit card. Exit the airtrain at the last stop, marked in red on the Airtrain map here.

Take the next NJ Transit train towards Trenton (Northeast Corridor Line, southbound direction) - see the NJTransit web site for a schedule. Do not board an Amtrak train - your NJTransit ticket won't be valid! (While Amtrak trains are significantly faster, very few trains stop both at Newark Airport and Princeton Junction. So it's rarely worth taking one.)
Hint: try to stay roughly in the middle of the train, avoiding the cars at either end. This increases your chances of actually making the connection at Princeton Junction.
Get off the train at Princeton Junction - depending on whether your train stops at all intermediate stations or only at some, this will be after approx. 40 to 50 mins.

At Princeton Junction take the two-car (again NJTransit) shuttle train colloquially known as the Dinky to Princeton Station. The train departs from a separate platform located to the right as you leave the Northeast Corridor train, next to the car park. After about 3 mins you arrive here.

Walking to Scully Hall should take about 5 mins. The easiest route is to walk along Baker Lane, passing Baker Rink and Bloomberg Hall .

Walking to the Nassau Inn (located on Palmer Square East, to the northeast of Alexander Hall, accross Naussau Street) takes about 10 mins. Walk up University Place, all the way to the junction with Nassau Street at the top left of the campus map, next to Rockefeller College. Then turn right and walk along Nassau Street to Palmer Square.

Alternative: a taxi from Princeton Junction to the center of Princeton usually costs about $15. There's also a taxi stand at the dinky station in Princeton (i.e. Princeton Station), and one on Nassau Street in front of Nassau Hall (near Palmer Square). One of the several taxi companies is PrincetonEconomyTaxi, phone 609-799-9180.

Other airports: New York (JFK, La Guardia), Philadelphia

These airports are less convenient. The easiest option (particularly if you have luggage) is to take the Olympic Airporter shuttle bus. See here for a schedule; the Nassau Inn stop is right in front of the hotel; the Baker Rink stop is close to Scully Hall. You should reserve in advance, here. (While the schedule only shows the timetable for Newark and JFK, bookings may also be made for the other airports.)

Another option is travel by public transportation - cumbersome but less pricey:


While Princeton Junction is officially an Amtrak station , only one or two trains actually stop here. More likely, you'll get off at Metro Park (if coming from the north) or Trenton (if coming from Philadelphia). In either case, NJTransit (Northeast Corridor Line) gets you to Princeton Junction.

Arrival by car

You'll most likely be arriving via Route 1, which connects to I95 near New Brunswick in the north and near Trenton in the south. For reaching the CS building, take the "Washington Road" "Harrison Street" exit of Route 1; guests staying in the dorm may prefer the "Alexander Road" exit and should request an overnight parking permit during checkin. Please refer to the information leaflet distributed by mail for details.

General parking guidelines are available here .