The heart of the DeepSpec project is creating connections between teams working on different systems with formal specifications and/or proofs. To that end, we have arranged funding to support visits for exchange of technical information. Sit down the hall from one or more of the developers of the system you're trying to interface with; educate them on the ins and outs of your own system. Through this process, we not only build the expertise needed for particular systems, but we also learn the general lessons of deep specification at scale. Be a part of learning the lessons of specification and proof engineering to mirror those that have become standard in software engineering.

The Specifics

We had funding to support the travel and lodging expenses of scientific visitors to any of our four institutions (Princeton, MIT, Yale, Penn). The purpose of the visit should be scientific collaboration on specification and verification of software or hardware.

Visit durations might be as short as a week or as long as a year. We welcome visiting faculty on sabbatical, visiting graduate students here for a semester (or more or less), and visiting industrial collaborators.

We cannot pay salary. Visitors must have salary from their home institutions (or stipend, in the case of students).

To enquire about a scientific visit, contact any one of the Principal Investigators with a cc to the Associate Director.

List of Visitors